Travertine Flooring Benefits

Travertine is a very famous type of natural-stone flooring material for many obvious reasons which include its durability and beauty. As a matter of fact, it is a kind of limestone that is made when minerals dissolve underground and then, get moved by the springs above the surface. This kind of stone is present in a huge variety of earth tones like tans, browns, rust and beige. The following are some of the reasons why travertine is one of the best options for your outdoor or indoor tile flooring:

1. Many Finish Options

Aside from choosing the best shade of stone, you may also personalize the appearance of your flooring with many finish choices. Travertine stone can be filled or unfilled that improves durability. Polished travertine provides with a smooth and flat finish that is resistant to stain although slippery.

On the other hand, honed travertine is likely the most famous option for flooring as it is polished flat yet not glossed. Brushed and tumbled travertine both offers surfaces that are textured with muted colors which don’t reflect light. If you select honed, brushed or tumbled travertine, it will be more crucial to seal your stone in order to prevent stains.

2. Ageless Appeal

Travertine has a beautiful appearance and timeless appeal that is difficult to compare. It has been widely used in design and architecture during ancient times when it was commonly used in the installation or construction of monuments, temples, steps as well as amphitheaters that is created almost totally from travertine. In addition to that, travertine offers a classic and distinct look with light shades of light brown, tan, gold, darker rusty red tones, gray and sometimes white. One of the most attractive features of travertine is its one-of-a-kind weathered appearance.

3. Reasonably Low Maintenance

Travertine needs a little more maintenance compared to some kinds of flooring however, using the appropriate cleaning agents and sealing your travertine regularly, can make maintenance of your travertine very easy. Travertine must be swept frequently in order to prevent debris from making a scratch on the surface of the flooring.

Also, you should wipe up the spills immediately to prevent stains since the stone has pores. To prevent unlikely damage to your travertine, do not ever use alkaline or acidic cleaning agent. If you know how to clean a natural-stone and granite flooring, cleaning a travertine is basically the same process.

4. Versatility

Travertine has a lot of forms and it may also be used in several different applications such as tile flooring, kitchen countertops, wall facades, silk basins and shower trays. This makes it simpler to design cohesive comfort room during a remodel. Furthermore, you can appreciate the seamless appearance of the travertine tile shower which flows directly into the travertine flooring or you perhaps prefer the appearance of travertine countertops which match your flooring.

5. Lower Cost Compared to Other Kinds of Natural Stones

If cost is one of your concerns but you still love the beauty of the natural-stone, travertine is a great option. Travertine is actually more affordable compared to granite and marble flooring.

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6 Things to Try Out Now    

There are people who can just do what they want because they are that brave. They see life as a big challenge, a big adventure and they would go out of their way, just to make things so good for them. There are also people who like to stay in, be in the safe cocoon of security and that is still life. No matter which kind of people you are or maybe you are in between, you live life to the fullest. However, there are some things that you should always try just for the kicks of it.  


In this article, you will learn a couple of things that you can do just for fun. It could be temporary or it could be forever, but as long as no one is hurt you are pretty good to go.  


  1. Get a Tan  


For fair skinned people, ever wondered what you are going to look like with darker skin tone. Whether you go to the beach for a tan, go to a salon or buy yourself a spray tan. Tanning Toronto could be a fun way to explore what you like.  


  1. Get a Tattoo  


Again, you can get a temporary one or get the permanent one. You can get a big one, a small one, colorful, elaborate simple. It is all up to you and the tattoo artist. You can show it off or you can put it in a part where it could do a little peekaboo, or totally hidden.  


  1. Go to a Road trip  


Whether you do it alone or you do it with friends. Going to a road trip is a fun way for you to relax and even find yourself. This is so much better if you haven’t tried it before. You never know what you learn or realize along the way.  


  1. Go for Extreme Sports  


Bungee jumping, tallest waterslides, sky diving, swimming with the sharks and so many more, do it. You never know what you realize from it. You never know how much you will love it or hate it. It doesn’t matter about what you feel afterwards. What matters is that you tried it, and felt exhilarated.  


  1. See your Heritage  


Go to a museum, see what your culture is all about. You can go to a place where your heritage is most noticeable. Learn about yourself in a different angle. You never know who you’ll meet along the way, but that is part of the fun.  


  1. Try some Foods  


Foods are a great way to go for an adventure. Keep an open mind and a willing tongue. There might be foods that you’ve never heard about. That could be scary but try one out you never know if it’s your next favorite dessert or whatnot. Just make sure to be careful especially if you have allergies.  


These are just some of the things you have to do, while you still can. There is so much to see and so much to do, but too little time. But if you do your best of what you have now, you would fall in love with it.  

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