What are the Reasons behind a Sagging Roof?

Once a roof has sagged, it automatically becomes an eyesore. The lines of your roof are intended to be straight, not dropping or curved. One of the factors that you should take into consideration is the structural integrity of the roof. This is actually more important than the appearance of your roof. Extreme sagging could be a hazardous indication that your roof could possibly be prone to collapsing. You need to know the causes of the staffing roof so that you can help prevent it from happening in your own property and for you to prevent fixing an expensive issue. The following are some of the reasons why your roof is sagging.  

Water damage 

Roofs are made for the best drainage and proper drainage is much more vital. Melting snow and rain flow to the gutter system, which leads the water farther from the foundation. Once the gutter system is flawed or not effective, or once the dented shingles hamper the flow of water, moisture could seep in the support structure and wood deck below, which causes them to weaken. Poor ventilation could make the issue even worse since if there’s no proper air circulation, the water will rest and it will eventually infiltrate the surface, 

Too much weight 

One of the causes of a sagging roof is structural issues. The roof is intended to manage a particular optimum load of weight. Meaning, the extreme weight could cause your roof to sag. Other design or construction issues such as inadequate internal bracing and undersized rafters can also sometimes fail to give enough support needed. Eliminating ice loads and snow could be dangerous. But, it could help stop your roof from collapsing. Though, with no proper safety measures, the eliminating process might cause damage to the tiles and shingles of your roof. Both your roof and your safety is the major reason why we highly suggest that you consult with an expert roofing contractor for ice and snow removal.  

Ultimately, roofing installation methods and materials could lead to staffing. Lower-quality materials or less-expensive ones can age faster, which could result in eventually sagging of your roof. The moment you trust a reliable, and professional roofing contractor for any roofing project, you can make sure that the workmanship and materials are in agreement with today’s safety standards and building code. Moreover, a trusted roofing contractor will also offer a warranty for their work.  

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